Twitter lite

Can Twitter lite be one of those APPs we have been waiting for? After the #datamustfall campaign i believe one can welcome the relieve of saving data. Check out the article from on the introduction of Twitter lite

Every day, millions of people around the world use Twitter to see whats happening right now. However, there are several barriers to using Twitter, including slow mobile networks, expensive data plans, or lack of storage on mobile devices. While smartphone adoption grew to 3.8 billion connections by the end of 2016, 45% of mobile connections are still on slower 2G networks, according to GSMA.

Today, we are rolling out Twitter Lite, a new mobile web experience which minimizes data usage, loads quickly on slower connections, is resilient on unreliable mobile networks, and takes up less than 1MB on your device. We also optimized it for speed, with up to 30% faster launch times as well as quicker navigation throughout Twitter. Twitter Lite provides the key features of Twitteryour timeline, Tweets, Direct Messages, trends, profiles, media uploads, notifications, and more. With Twitter Lite, we are making Twitter more accessible to millions of peopleall you need is a smartphone or tablet with a browser.

See the illustration below