Google Analytics is a very important digital marketing tool, but seriously underused by most businesses in South Africa. It allows you to measure the results of individual campaigns in real-time, compare the data to previous periods, and so much more. Here are some of the reasons that you should be using Google Analytics to measure the success of your website.

Here is a list of the important data that Google Analytics will give you:

  • Where your visitors are coming from – very important if you’re targeting a specific audience.
  • How your visitors found your website – this is very important for determining which of your efforts are paying off. It shows if visitors found your site directly, through a referral from another website (ex: Twitter, Facebook), or from search engines.
  • Web browsers used by your visitors – knowing which web browsers your visitors use allows you to know which browsers you should be focusing on.
  • What keywords were used by visitors in the search engines to get to your website – this is very crucial for SEO. Knowing which keywords people are searching for to get to your site determines if you are on the right track.






Analytics shows you data from all channels that are directing traffic to your website, including:

  • Organic Search (SEO)
  • Paid Search (PPC)
  • Social Media
  • Referrals (Backlinks)
  • Direct Traffic

Being able to monitor all the platforms allows you to review what is working well in terms of advertising, and what isnt. Having all the data in one place makes it easy to compare the different channels. If you are currently putting money into your SEO, PPC, or Social Media Marketing, you can monitor your ROI.

Google Analytics has a number of features that allows you to review how well users are interacting with your website and content. These metrics monitor different aspects of the customer journey, showing how the customer has interacted.

Bounce rate The percentage of visitors that navigate away from your website without interaction, after viewing only one page.
Pages/Session The average number of pages each visitor has viewed (this does not include those that have bounced).
Average Session Duration The average amount of time spent on the website by each visitor (again, this does not include those that have bounced).

You can also view these stats against individual pages, giving you a better idea as to what pages are performing well, and which may need optimizing to improve the user experience.

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Simboti Tech is currently working on of the best eCommerce sites to come out of South Africa and by so doing we have identified tips that we can share on how to increase traffic to your new eCommerce site. South Africa has seen a rise in eCommerce sites and these tips will go along way in assisting you to increase traffic.

Social Media
Let social media bring in the visitors. You have at least one social media account, right? If not, nows the time; its the easiest and cheapest way to drive traffic quickly. Set up your account and create your stores profile, then be sure to add interesting and appropriate content regularly product promotions, sales, and links to articles your shoppers may find interesting. To appeal to users of different social media outlets, have your accounts set to automatically cross-post between platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Utilise socialmedia paidadvertising, this will enable you to target the right market for your products.

Content marketing
Make full use of content marketing. Our next tip is also inexpensive, but it will cost you a bit of time. Successful content marketing requires attention to writing, design and keywords that will drive traffic to your site and to specific products. Put thought into your content; think about what your customers may like to hear from you, whether its about your own products or the overall industry. Having trouble coming up with ideas? Ten to fifteen minutes of focused brainstorming may yield enough content for several entries! Learn what makes a good blog entry and how to leverage your blog content for traffic and sales. Dont just say you sell jewelry online add relevant keywords such as silver, gemstone, handmade and other descriptors that will drive visitors to your shop.

Email Marketing
Make connections with customers. Your customers can tell you why your site works or doesnt work. Contact them directly via email for feedback and suggestions. You can also create surveys with sites like, which require only a few clicks vs. written replies. Make sure you ask specific questions that are easy to answer, such as What would make you decide to return to my store? or Is there anything about your shopping experience we could improve? Also, always mention how much you truly value their input and advice. Send out promotions like black Friday and big holiday discounts through email. Try mail chimp for email marketing

Search Engine Optimisation
Search engine optimization can make all the difference. SEO can be your sites best friend but if Googles search algorithms cant find you, SEO can quickly turn into your worst enemy. Submit a reconsideration request if youre a victim of an SEO error, and make sure to add your URL to other popular search engines to bring in more traffic. Update your Meta descriptions to both accurately reflect your store and to attract customers. Finally, a new site map outlining your layout can go a long way toward SEO optimization.

Google Adwords
Give Pay Per Click advertising a try. This option requires a commitment of both time and money, but the payoffs can be huge. First, do your homework regarding your daily and overall budget, analytics and location targeting. Then consider an online campaign on search engine-affiliated advertising networks, such as Yahoo Bing Ads and Google AdWords. Be sure to carefully consider keywords and terms, because ultimately they are what get those needed clicks; in addition, keep in mind that both popular keywords and keywords that arent relevant will end up costing you more.

Simboti Tech provides these and other services to increase traffic to your eCommerce site, get in touch with one of our marketing technologist

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One drawback that I have noticed in the South African industry is the lack of strategy, do companies still invest in strategic planning or they depend on tenders ? When a tender contract has come to an end, then what? retrench and close shop ?

Below is an article that clearly defines how a company can increase their Google rankings by making use of social media marketing. At Simboti Tech we assist you in coming up with the most comprehensive social media marketing strategy to drive traffic to your website, gain new customers and retain existing customers.

Google uses Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to effectively rank pages. SEO is the process of getting traffic from the free or organic search results on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Googles objective is to always provide the most relevant results to the users request; promoting authority pages at the top of its rankings. Read More